iv therapy

IV therapy

Maybe you've heard that IV micronutrient therapy can help with immunity, weight loss and other goals. At ICARE Clinic & MedSpa LLC in Decatur, GA, you can ask a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner about the benefits of IV therapy.

Promoting overall wellness through IV therapy

ICARE Clinic & MedSpa offers the following types of IV drip treatments:

  • The Myers Cocktail - a vitamin-rich infusion made with recipes that can be customized to your needs
  • Immune boosters - infusions that contain ingredients that have been shown to speed up the body's natural healing process, guard against infection and reduce inflammation and the duration of illnesses
  • Metabolism boosters - infusions that are designed to restore energy levels, burn body fat and improve physical performance
  • Recovery enhancers - infusions that can help reduce inflammation, shorten the recovery time after high-intensity exercise, replenish nutrients and improve athletic performance

In addition to providing IV therapy, we also offer advanced facial treatments to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles. Contact our health clinic in Decatur, GA today to speak with a member of our staff.

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